Preschool Soccer Lessons

Building Important Life Skills Through Soccer

Introducing young children to soccer is a great way to build on important skills, such as coordination, teamwork and communication. As part of our Healthy Bodies framework we provide weekly soccer lessons with qualified instructors who will introduce your child to the sport in a pressure-free and fun learning environment.

Soccer lessons for preschoolers is a perfect way to build enthusiasm for sports and extracurricular activities which will stay with your child for life.

Our aim is to introduce children to the basics of soccer in a non-competitive and supportive environment. The programs provide foundational building blocks upon which every child has the opportunity to improve their game skills and further develop core skills.

Your child will develop their social skills by developing relationships and building communication skills with their teammates. They will also improve their physical abilities, in addition to learning more about following rules, teamwork, learning to share and taking turns.

Our program runs weekly as part of the standard daily fee. Your child will love learning and being a part of these soccer classes. Come down for a tour of our centre to find out more, or call 1800 CHILD CARE.